Sinusoidal Projection MDF, acrylic paint; 180 x 360 cm Part of Science Boy and the Golden Age: a collaborative exhibition with M.N. Hutchinson, curated by Lissa Robinson; Stride Gallery, Calgary, AB; November 2002

Sinusoidal Projection

My contribution to this project involved a complex form of perspective drawing. Angles and distances were measured and calculated from a single, immobile point of view to various points and objects in a room. These polar coordinates were then passed through a series of equations borrowed from cartography, translated into 'x' and 'y' coordinates, plotted onto a map-like structure, and connected. The result is an idiosyncratic but precisely calculated representation of an entire room on a flat plane. The black lines representing meridians and parallels are in fact spaces between 'puzzle' pieces that are individually mounted to the wall.