Papier: Versuche Zwischen Geometrie und Spiel
MDF, handmade book, monitor, webcam, Linux computer, OpenGL programming with ARToolKit library.
2017 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art, For the Time Being

Papier: Versuche Zwischen Geometrie und Spiel

In 1974, the Swiss artist/bookbinder Franz Zeier published a book called Papier: Versuche Zwischen Geometrie und Spiel (Paper: Balancing Geometry and Play), a guide to creating geometric forms with paper. It is richly illustrated with photographs of Zeier's own prolific and steadfastly rigorous experiments. While the forms themselves are the result of a rich sensorial process, their implicit goal is to downplay their materiality, foregrounding instead the abstract mathematical principles to which they conform. The mystery of the interpenetration and interdependence of the physical and metaphysical, of things and information is even more pronounced in the age of virtual objects and spaces. This project uses computer vision to blur the boundary between pictorial and physical space, between information and the viewer's body.

Work created for the 2017 Alberta Biennial, For the Time Being at the Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff, AB. Curated by Kristy Trinier and Peta Rake.